You seemed like you needed cheering up :) I got a lot of shit the other day on my Facebook (I was trying to get people to sign the petition about The Sun's Steenkamp front page). Was basically told I was 'a minority' and that my opinions were not valid. The guy even said: 'I'll tell you the same thing I tell Jehovah's Witnesses - shut the fuck up and get off my fucking doorstep'. It was pretty hurtful. Just keep going, keep enjoying but keep questioning at the same time! That's all we can do. x

Thanks. And I totally didn’t like the Chris Brown/Rihanna joke, and would have advised strongly against it, but I think he’ll figure that out on his own. The rest was very tongue in cheek, and people are overreacting. I mean the whole point of the boobs song was that he was being told by Shatner NOT to sing it because women WOULD be offended by it. He was poking fun at himself and the fact that everyone expected him to cross the line and be too offensive, and I’m really surprised more people didn’t pick up on that. And all those women’s reactions were pre-taped, because they were in on the joke too. Like, can everyone just please calm down for a second? Talk about flying off the handle.

I’m incredibly sorry that you went through something similar. It’s so AWFUL. People can be remarkably cruel sometimes without ANY justification whatsoever, and it’s getting very old. Thank you for cheering me up. You helped a lot :)

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